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We are a company specialized in fine tuning fuel management on cars and motorcycles. We also manufacture dynamometers and related equipment.

We sell K&N air-filters, tuning modules, quick shifters and carburetion kits


Years of experience in fine tuning brought us a great knowhow, reputation and dealer network. We also have lots of products such as air filters and kits in stock.

The jet-kits are produced by Tovami. For injection systems we have multiple solutions.


K&N Filters: New filters available now.

The latest in filters for car and motorcycles.


How to optimise?

Problems with cold starts, temporary reduced power output and not reaching top speed, unnecessary (high) fuel consumption are problems we can solve in most cases.

Especially within the 'grey import market' of motorcycles, aftermarket exhaust systems can cause such problems.

A jet-kit from Tovami or injection kit will help you achieve the optimized air/fuel ratio under all circumstances. During this proces, the engine will run and perform smoothly and create a stronger dynamic feel, without a less economic fuel consumption.

Tovami has expended it's company and product range with suitable products and services.

When applying our services and products, we take in consideration that we the engines have a 'normal' maintenace history, sufficient levels of water, oil, fuel and fully operation meterings, etc...

We produce dynamometers from Tovami for scooters and motorcycles. Also we sell our Tovami software and additional solutions such as air/fuel-measurement systems and eddy current braking systems.

Furthermore, we distribute and import different kinds of new products for the optimisation of cars and motorcycles. We also deliver K&N Air Filters and Oil Filters for cars.